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"A storyteller, a speaker and a voice like no other, Pablo embodies the enigma that says: we are all unique and have incredible stories to tell - yet have more in common and are more alike than we know.


After years of corporate life in various industries, Pablo decided to take to the stage, sharing his uplifting stories and unique perspective.  With extensive public speaking and stand-up comedy experience, he takes over the stage with a combination of honesty and empathy. In a system built on connections and relationships, his well-informed rapport speaks to people at all levels. He’s a master of adaptation, bringing his own narrative or helping you tell yours.


Pablo has always been a contradiction. The unexpected introvert who shines in front of a crowd, the world traveler who always finds his way home, the success story and the master of the long road back, he has worked to find balance in an unbalanced world."

- H.E. Casson, Writer    

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