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"A voice for your story."

About Us

"Context Matters"

In today's dynamic environment the intent of one's message can get lost without proper context. We specialize in giving voice to stories through a wide range of mediums.  We will help you customize and communicate your message by framing your content for the right context. Whether you ask us to host your next event or we provide you with a professional voice for promotion, we can ensure that your story gets told as you intended. The Pablo Dassen Company is registered in the Province of Ontario as a licensed general partnership

The Aim

The Pablo Dassen Company will build and showcase a network of creative voices, bringing brands and talent together.

We wish to enhance events and add value to organizations with entertaining, productive sessions that yield proven results

The Team

We thank all the members and partners that have contributed to the story. For references please contact us


We will contextualize the world by illuminating experiences and giving voice to stories



We strive to showcase a balanced world where people come together and share extraordinary experiences through all forms of expression. Where the art of conversation is appreciated and respectful discourse is encouraged. Where debate is valued and laughter is mutually uplifting. Where we reconcile our uniqueness with all that we have in common. Where people are free to speak, to choose and to be heard

Please feel free to contact us directly for any further inquiries