No upcoming events at the moment


The Humble Badger Podcast (Host)
Studio Night Live (Event Host)
Family Day at Living Arts Centre (Emcee)
Canada Day at Living Arts Centre (Emcee)
Beauty Passion Voice Concert Series (Emcee)
Tune in Thursday, H.O.M.E at Brickyard (Event Host)
CMHA Special Edition Jam Night Fundraiser (Co-Host)
Matt Zaddy Jam Night (Performer)
Open Mic LIVE at Living Arts Centre (Performer)
WonderFest Sauga Series (Performer)
A Not So Silent Night - Interim Place Fundraiser (Performer)
The Second City (Performer)
Yuk Yuk's Toronto (Performer)
Yuk Yuk's London (Performer)
The Sad Fiesta at Roses New York  (Performer)
Comedy for Dummies (Performer)
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