The Humble Badger Podcast (Host & Producer)
The Rec Room Trivia League (Event Host & Co-Producer)
Studio Night Live (Event Host & Co-Producer)
Family Day at Living Arts Centre (Emcee)
Canada Day at Living Arts Centre (Emcee)
Beauty Passion Voice Concert Series (Emcee)
Tune in Thursday, H.O.M.E at Brickyard (Event Host & Consultant)
Elisa Rose "Crying to the Moon" Release Party (Event Host)
CMHA Special Edition Jam Night Fundraiser (Co-Host)
Matt Zaddy Jam Night (Performer)
Open Mic LIVE at Living Arts Centre (Performer)
WonderFest Sauga Series (Performer)
A Not So Silent Night - Interim Place Fundraiser (Performer)
The Second City (Performer)
Yuk Yuk's Toronto (Performer)
Yuk Yuk's London (Performer)
The Sad Fiesta at Roses New York  (Performer)
Comedy for Dummies (Performer)